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dslr camera - digital slr camera Cameras are photography's basic tools.  They may capture images either on film or in digital memory; and they range from compact, cell phone cameras to large-format cameras that capture minute details.  Film cameras don't require use of a computer, and some people prefer these cameras because they find it easier to leave the photo processing to the professionals.  Digital cameras produce images that can be edited many times by the photographer without loss of original quality.  Computer-savvy photographers are thus more likely to opt for a digital camera.  Both film cameras and digital cameras are available with professional grade single-lens reflex (SLR) technology.  Digital SLR (DSLR) cameras are based on the same optical concept as film SLR cameras but store the images on memory cards instead of film.  Both types of SLR cameras have interchangeable lenses and flash accessories available which provide more precise control over focus, field depth, and lighting parameters.

vintage camera Even though digital cameras are leading edge, the older style 35mm film cameras still have their share of enthusiasts.  Film cameras are available in both SLR and viewfinder styles.  Viewfinder cameras include low-end disposable cameras, mid-range auto-focus zoom cameras, and high quality manual-focus rangefinder cameras.  There are even specialized cameras for underwater use, panoramic photography, and landscape or architectural photography!  Film for these cameras is available in different ISO speeds, colors, and formats.  The film may be processed by a professional, or you may choose to have your own darkroom and experiment with the images yourself.

With the advent of the digital camera, picture taking and photo processing has become very convenient.  Many digital cameras can take photos and record short videos as well.  It costs nothing to take each picture and images can be reviewed immediately.  Furthermore, recent advances in digital camera resolution have enabled production of large photographic prints of striking quality.  Digital cameras range from simple, point-and-shoot cameras to large-format professional cameras where each image requires large amounts of digital memory.

Use the resources on to research specs and information from camera manufacturers and online camera shops.  You are sure to find the exact equipment you are searching for at a reasonable price.

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